Monday, December 13, 2010


Bloodfever (Fever Series #2)
I contradicted myself and downloaded the second in the series of Karen Moning's Blood Fever.  As I have mentioned about the Dark Fever, it is slow and dragging.  I just got sucked into the character and wants to know what happens to them.  But if fantasy is not something you are interested in, you will not like this.  I usually don't go that route myself.  I will let you guys decide for yourself.  You might get sucked into the characters and will want to continue with the series like myself.  I already downloaded the 3rd in the series "Faefever", but will read about something else before I continue on with sidhe-seers, superhuman powers and seeing the dark fae beneath strikingly beautiful men - just too much fantasy can't make myself read two books about this back to back.

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