Sunday, October 24, 2010

Truck on Fire

After the soccer game yesterday, we decided to stop by the pet shop for a replacement fish for our aquarium.  On our way, we saw a smoke coming up from the mall parking lot.  Being the curious beings as we all are, we decided to go nearer.

That looks like a truck!  Is this for real?  We don't see much action in this town and this is something new for us adults as well.  I witnessed a few houses and buildings on fire in the Philippines. The hubby also saw a barn on fire in the town he grew up.  But not cars or trucks.  Only in the movies.

After a few minutes, the engine/hood area was on fire.  Then the front tires were on fire.  Wow, we are really going to see a truck go KA-BOOM!!! Or so we thought...

The fire truck shows up right when we were edging on our seats.  And as you can see more fellow gawkers were showing up.  Not  a good view, right when the action is starting.  It took the firefighters a few seconds to set up and spray foam into the fire and then inside the hood after they were able to crack it open a little.

The after effect of fire and foam.

What a day!

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