Monday, July 10, 2017

MacWoods Sand Dune Ride / Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse / Cherry Farm

At our lake. The kids love sitting on the deck and watching the water and fish below.

We found this Eastern Box Turtle right on the edge of the water.  

Went with the grandma to MacWoods Dune Rides.

Started the adventure at this bridge.  The ride is like a roller coaster with stops every now and then for our guide to tell us about the things we saw and about the dunes.

These are just the tops of the trees.

Lake Michigan.

After the dune ride, we decided to stop by the Little Sable Point Lighthouse since it is just about a mile away from MacWoods.

Our view from above the lighthouse.

On our way home, we stopped by  Cherry Point Farm in Shelby.  We saw the farm on our way to the dune ride and decided to stop by on our way back.

It was a great day with the grandma enjoying the dunes, the lighthouse and visiting a beautiful farm.

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