Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Parents:  We need to book an appointment for the kids to see an eye doctor.
Vyn:  Why?
Parents: To make sure there is no problem with your eyes.  You guys have never had your eyes check.
Vyn:  But I can see fine...
Parents:  Just to  check.  So we can be sure you have perfect eye health.
Vyn:  It will just make me sad if they end up seeing something wrong.

After the memorial parade when Vyn did the drums with the fife and drum corp for the first time.  He had joined a parade a few months ago carrying the flag.
Vyn:  I hurt, sooooo painful....
Me:  Do you want some doze (we call medicines doze)
Vyn:  No!  I don't want you to put chemicals in my body, I just want pity.

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