Wednesday, January 18, 2017



While the kids were bickering:
Me: ayyyy sooo alingogngog
Lyn: what is alimogmog? What is Filipino for mouth?
Me: "bibig" in tagalog or "baba" in bisaya
Lyn: like b u t t - b u t t ? Spelling it out...
Me: can't say anything else but laugh


Vyn:  ma I need an ....
Lyn:  why
Vyn: Because I need to fit in
Lyn: no you don't, you are unique


Me:  wow! you might be really tired if you still want to rest until now.  What time did you sleep at your friends.
Lyn: ma, nobody sleeps at sleepovers.


While scanning through birthday cards in the store.  One caught Lyn's eye then she reads:
"Dream A Little Bigger"
Lyn: mom that's kind of rude...

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