Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Weekend After School 2016

We decided to go to our cabin for the first weekend after school.  It was a great weekend kayaking, paddle boarding, playing in the water and fixing the dock.  Bandit was also with us which made the trip fun for Vyn. 

 We always love Ludington and so we joined in their attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for longest ice cream dessert.  Here is the link to the article:  Ludington Ice Cream


ice cream being delivered

ice cream scooping

whipped cream squirting

cherris on top


our share of the ice cream take note it is not soupy

House of Flavors is one of our favorite stop in Ludington.  It was great to be a part of this attempt.  I sure hope they  made it.

after the serving
  It was a great weekend of just relaxing and not doing much.  We get to join in a family (cousin R's)  graduation open house right before the ice cream event.   We got back to Ludington at around 0610 pm, the event was planned to start at 0600 pm.  So we were glad when it did not start right on the dot.  Once the event started it was pretty organized and things just progressed smoothly until the final step of serving the cups.  The ice cream went in with the scoopers all efficiently scooping as fast as they can, then the chocolate syrup was poured, the whip cream squirted and the cherries topped the longest ice cream.  Even with the crowd, we all got our ice cream in great shape and taste.

As usual when we stopped by the Home Depot that night, our cashier tried to strike up conversation about it.  As we said how great the event was.  The lady behind us can't stop talking about how she was disappointed with the organizing and how her ice cream was soupy.  The event may not have started on time but as you can see in the pics above, they were not soupy at all.

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