Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dow Run 2016

The weather was perfect for this year's Dow Run.  Since the hubby is training for a full marathon sometime this year, he decided to run only 1M this time.  He ran with Vyn and his friend and they did good time.

I ran with Lyn and her friend C with her parents.  But as usual I was not able to keep up.  The girls finished at about 10 to 11 minutes while I finished 15 minutes, hehehehe for a 1M that is pretty slow. I was walking and chatting with friends along the way.

C's mom said that while running they came across another mother with a daughter who kept on saying "are you a loser or a winner?"  

The boys almost trampled on a girl who fell a few feet in front of them.  Later, I found out that another friend's daughter did fall and got a few scrapes in the beginning of the race.

Here is the link to the DowRun website and here is the link to the results

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