Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reviewing My Interview

The hubby and I discussed my interviews from both hospitals.   I mentioned the questions that particularly stood out for me.  These are not verbatim, but these were what goes on my mind when the questions were asked:

1. "How do you feel about being responsible for an instrument?"

As a medical technologist, I was a little startled to be asked that.  I have always assumed that being responsible for instruments is part of the job.  But the interviewer mentioned that some candidates don't want to be responsible for any instruments.

My hubby who helps in the hiring process for his team said that sometimes, he would fight for a candidate with C's who are willing to work hard and be responsible in their job without arrogance, than a candidate with all A's but with big Arrogance and a Know-It-All attitude.  Some workers will not do or accept extra work, don't want extra responsibility, yet still they want a fast track promotion.  If something goes wrong, it is always something or someone else's fault, accountability from some people are non-existent at all. 

2. "Am I willing to teach new technologists?" 

In my opinion, some people are at the top of their pedestals that teaching people they consider beneath them are a huge waste of their time.   If you can't be bothered to teach or boost confidence for new comers then what is your intelligence and greatness for?

Some people are just naturally intelligent that getting an A in exams are easy.  But being in a work force that need team work, hard work, camaraderie is something some people still need to learn.  They can't understand that not all people are as intelligent and capable as they are.  That even with their greatness in paper credentials, they still need to be able to work with mostly average people on a daily basis.  Unless of course your goal is to own a huge company or open your own practice right away.  Employees will just have to tolerate your Arrogant Greatness if they are lucky enough to be employed by these high and mighty people.

3. "Am I willing to learn from other techs?"

Of course!  Sometimes though when school is too easy, you get out of school thinking you know it all and don't need to learn anything anymore.  Life is not a textbook and so are jobs.  The textbooks and schools teach us most of what we need to know about our jobs.  Yet it is our experiences that really is the best teacher both in life and in work.  Willingness to learn from others will refrain us from repeating the same mistakes others already experienced. 

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