Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hospital Orientation

I haven't work for eleven years now but I remembered when I was single I have transferred jobs a few times and this was the first time that I had to do a full day of orientation.  Some of the people I was with also have to go back for a few more days for more orientation.  I wonder if this was a new thing or my hospital now is just more transparent with their employees than the others I had worked for.
Monday, June 22  from 745 to 5 was spent at the hospital for new hire orientation. Learned a lot about the hospital, patient safety, hospital policies, infection control and so much more.

The kids also had camps scheduled for this week.  The only camps they were scheduled for this year also falls on my orientation.   Luckily a friend at church was able to do the driving around for me.
Orientation was interesting, there was a room full of people in the hospital conference room and we had a few presenters, got our picture taken, there were a few games, few breaks, free lunch and an interesting new hire who sat beside me who can't keep her eyes off from facebook.
All together a very long, interesting day.

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