Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great Turtle Half Marathon

This picture was taken while we were inside the car waiting for the ferry to take us to Mackinac Island.  The hubby ran this yearly scenic Great Turtle Half Marathon.  We took the Arnold ferry and will use the other ferries available for next year. 
Another view from the pier.

This bar/restaurant caught our eye.

Inside Mission Point Resort.  The kids voted for this pumpkin entry.
The race started and ended here.
Flying camera gadget.
Runners getting ready and warming up.  The hubby was ill with some respiratory viral infection two weeks ago and was not able to train as much as he wanted.  He planned to just take his time and not worry about running faster than his record.
While the runners were warming up.  The kids and I decided to walk to the Arch Rock.  We ate lunch at the Mission Point and walked to about mile 7 of the run to watch the runners.  We saw the hubby both at the Arch Rock and at 7 mile mark and he was doing great for somebody who is until now still recuperating.
 Residences along the way to Mission Point have their houses decorated for Halloween. 
Mallard ducks entertaining us while we waited for the ferry back to Mackinaw City.  We were back at Cabins of Mackinaw to watch the U of M and Michigan State football game.  Dinner was Fish and Fries at our favorite O'Reilly's Irish Pub.  Breakfast was at another favorite Pancake Chef and off we drove back home to reality while listening to the Detroit Lion's game in London.  The Spartans and the Detroit Lions won this weekend as well.

The weather was just perfect for the race.  It was uneventful until about mile 10 when a young man a few yards ahead of the hubby fell and broke his leg.
Finisher medal for 2014.

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