Friday, January 17, 2014

Rainbow Hearts and Heart Embeds


The flower arrangements inspired me to make as many handmade products as I can.  I followed  a tutorial from one of my sources for this.  
This is how it all started.  I poured the red soap, followed by the blue on the other side of the heart and then poured the yellow in between.  Notice the plain red soap on the side, that soap is going to be cut into hearts for embedding later. 
I finished the soap with white and sprinkled red glitter on three of the hearts.  The hearts and round molds were embedded with the hearts.

The different sized cookie cutters were perfect for this project. 
This picture is taken to show you the different layers and colors I used.  I tried this technique previously using the awareness ribbon.  The ribbon was covered with my white and did not show up in the final product.  This time I layered the hearts with the clear soap before pouring the white and the red and pink to some of the bars
All the soaps came out of the molds without difficulty and to prevent any crystallization from moisture absorption, I shrink wrapped them right away.