Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Soap

Christmas is just around the corner and so I decided to make more of the gingerbread men.  The mold held after being used a couple times.

I am also taking advantage of my friend D's molds that I still have with me.  Will have to return them soon.  I called the above soap "Winter scene".  Original idea was from my supplier's website.  I used the circle mold from D and added some shredded white soap base and two green tree soaps I made earlier to  a red and white base and poured a clear soap base on top to keep everything in place. This was my first attempt and I am very happy with the result.  

I also made a tiny snowman and placed them on top of the gingerbread men for the picture.  I guess they would look better added to some colorful winter scene.

D also lend me some flower soap molds and I played with them by just pouring the colored soaps in the main flowers and poured a white soap base for the rest of the mold.

I also tried to embed a tree, the awareness ribbon and flowers into some of the regular soap molds.  Although better than my previous attempt at embedding, I waited to cool the clear soap too long and they started to harden when I poured them and thus I got wrinkles and uneven clear top layer to the soaps.

Still needed a lot of practice but I am enjoying every creations so far.

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