Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghosts and Bats

Thursday, October 3, 2013, my third batch of melt and pour or sometimes referred to as soap casting soap making technique.  I ordered for yet another soap mold "ghost" from yet another soap making supplier.  I also came across a "bat" mold while grocery shopping and was tempted.


The designs turned out great.  But if you look closer, the soaps have white crystals all over them.  Further reading on soap making revealed that moisture and glycerine content is the culprit.  My first two batches did not do this.  I wonder if it was because I ordered from another supplier and got a less than stellar quality of the products or the moisture in our house changed.  More reading still needed.
As you can see the designs came out exactly as expected.  I also am able to prevent a mess from happening with the black color for the Jack-o-lanterns.  I was not excited with my black happy faces and so I remelted the black happy faces from my second batch and made them into black bats which I thought was more appropriate.  
I froze the mold before unmolding again because I am such an impatient soul and they all came out easily but was wet again.  The hubby who is a chemist suggested not to freeze them the next time.  I will try not to freeze the soaps on my next batch and see if we would get a dry and easy to unmold soap.
Crystallization also happened with this soap batch and according to soap blogs it was because of not wrapping them right away.  The moisture in the air is not good for the glycerin content of this soap making technique.
Glycerine absorbs water in the air thus is very moisturizing to the skin but it caused the soaps to sweat and crystallized when expose to moisture.  Still obviously learning from other soap crafters and bloggers.  Also  comparing product quality from different suppliers.  Will see if I improve for my next batch.
Look at how sweaty and wet they were, this was taken right after I unmold them and after being in the freezer for a good half hour.  Just learned from a soap book that if I should freeze the soap, it should only be done for at least 5 minutes.

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