Wednesday, September 4, 2013

July to August 2013 Camping

This was the longest camping trip we ever had so far.  The hubby decided to run the Grand Island trail marathon this year and so we decided to be there a few days before and stay a few days after for camping trip at Indian Lake State Park.

Bandit on our way to the kennel

We left Wednesday and was able to enjoy the sun until late afternoon the next day, Thursday.  For the first time we had a camp ranger going through every camp site to warn us of severe weather condition coming that night.  Of course it was the day when our camper's awning decided to get damaged. 

Kids and I went for a walk around campground while the dad was setting up our camp.
Played in the beach whenever the sun is out
Christmas in July craft hosted by the campground
Click on the Grand Island trail marathon post for Friday and Saturday.  Sunday we went to Kitch-iti-Kipi and the Baraga Shrine.

Monday was another beautiful day.  We  hiked 8 Munising waterfalls in the Algers county area.  First was Alger's Falls which is kind of tricky to get to because it is right on a busy road and can easily be missed.  Wagner Falls, Horseshoe Falls is a privately owned falls so we have to pay to access it.  Tannery an Memorial Falls both are kind of connected so we hiked from Tannery to Memorial and the trail got a little treacherous but was fun.  We heard a dad called out to his daughters who were running down on our way up.  He said " stop running, if you fall- you die".   That line stuck with us the whole time we went up and encountered the foot size trail on a ravine.  My thoughts while silently walking through it was " if it really is dangerous, they won't allow the public to hike it".  A hearth pumping don't look down the ravine walk.  I always tell the kids to walk ahead of me and to put one steady foot ahead of the other.  We had lunch after and went to Munising Falls then we drove to the Miner's Castle and saw the Bridalveil Falls and then drove again to Miner's Falls.

Tuesday, was a no driving,  not too physical day.  We stayed in the campground and enjoyed the beach.  Met a Filipino family driving by on their way home to Indiana from Vancouver.

Wednesday, was a Marquette, Michigan day.  We visited the U.P. Children's Museum, the Pebble beach and Presque isle, The Northern Michigan University, Lakenenland, The Lower Harbor Park.  On our way back to Indian Lake, we stopped by Au Train and Scott's waterfalls

August 1, we visited Garlyn Zoo, The Manistique Water Tower and Log Cabin.  Watching animals up close made bed time a challenged on this day.  So I told the kids to ignore each other already.  Lyn: But mama you said to always be friends with your brother or sister.

  August 2, Manistique Lighthouse, Treasure City and more swimming at Indian Lake..

August 3, we drove to Escanaba and was glad that an art fair was going on the same day.  The kids were able to buy some kid's craft, we watched some belly dancing and other shows. Bought some chocolate at Sayklly's.

August 4 was another day spent in our campground and swimming and playing in Indian Lake where we witnessed a baptism in the water.  A first time for the kids to witnessed.

August 5 a Monday was a beautiful day to packed up and drive home.  We stopped at the Mystery Spot and Sea Shell City.


Bandit enjoying time being back home again.

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