Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Buggy Quilt

My very first attempt to make a big quilt.  This top is finally done and is approximately 45 X 56 inches.  While at our June camping trip at Hartwick Pines, we visited Grayling's one and only quilt shop The Icehouse Quilt Shop.  As we were looking around the walls of quilts, one of the quilt sample stands out to the hubby. 

We asked for the kit available and asked if this pattern would be doable for a beginner quilter and she told me it is just simple, nothing complicated.  So we bought the kit but the kids were like: mama that is huge, you think you can do it?  The top was finished last week.

Below is the backing.  I finished it today.  I used some of the scraps from the fabrics for the top.  But because I like the fabrics in this kit, I kept most of the big pieces and used the old rooster fabric for most of the backing.


Quilt top squares done, just needed the borders
Bandit has been so good with the quilt fabrics so far.
Arranging the fabrics for the backing


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