Friday, May 31, 2013


Our nine year old "Vyn" has been asking for a dog since he noticed he was the only one among his friends who don't have a pet dog.  We are not against having a dog, but with our experienced with our last puppy, we had no plans of getting another one.

Fortunately for us, a friend is relocating to Hawaii and since Hawaii requires pets to be quarantined plus the travelling, they decided to find a new home for their pets.  We are so honored and privilege to be given the opportunity to be the new family for "Bandit".

Bandit is a Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd mixed.  The combination results in a very cuddly, huge mini bear.  When I saw his picture on facebook and that they needed a new home for him, I know he is just the right dog for us.  The first time we met him, Bandit just sat and allowed us (Lyn and I) to touch and pet him.  He was calm enough that Lyn who usually won't even go near any dog was able to pet him.

I will not go through the details of our decision making process.  When it becomes unanimous that we will now have a dog included in the family, everybody was excited  and a little worried since he has been living in an outside kennel with another dog, has a job of guarding fruit trees and a huge acreage to roam around.  We don't have that space here in our place.   But I just have this feeling that he will be perfect for us and so far he is.

The day we picked him up Wednesday, May 29 2013 in the afternoon.  I picked Vyn up from school and we went to the friend's house.  Everybody was there to say their goodbyes to him.  We got information and tips from them and have Bandit jumped up the back of my car.

His very first hour with us, we stayed outside and walked around the yard.  We also have to crate him an hour after since we were scheduled for an event to go to for two hours.  He calmly went to his crate. But I bet he was so nervous, since when we got him out of the crate and up from the basement he was not able to hold his pee long enough to get out the house.  Luckily, he did it right by the door on a tile floor.

He then followed our night ritual and calmly went back to his crate for the night.  But he woke up at midnight and kept barking till after 0300 in the morning.  I brought him out 3 different times  but it did not calm him down.  Maybe he missed his dog friend that he sleeps with all these years or a new place and separation anxiety finally kicked in or all of the above.  He eventually did go back to sleep though.

His first morning, I brought him out again before the kids morning ritual.  He waited for the bus with us.  We did a few minutes of walking around the yard again and he just followed his new routine without complaints.  He would go to his crate when we have to leave the house and calmly do his business when I brought him out again.  Last night was sooooooo much better, he went to bed and was silent all night long.  He just waited for me to bring him out again in the morning. 

This reminds me of a friend who mentioned that pets for the kids usually ends up being the mama's responsibility.  Good thing, it is I who felt that we are ready for a new addition.

Hopefully, he has caught on with his new routine.   This blog is going to have updates on Bandit from now on as well.

Thank you for visiting.

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