Wednesday, April 17, 2013

January to May 2013

I noticed that I haven't been recording the cute exchanges/dialogues/comments the kids would just blurt out every  now and then.   They still says things that make adults smile, but I sometimes thought of writing things later and it would not sound the same anymore.  I have been so wonderfully distracted with my quilting that most of my me time is spent watching/reading on quilting/sewing. 

May 11, 2013
While shopping yesterday, the hubby was thinking how Home Depot was splurging on great shopping carts for the customers. On his way out:
Home Depot associate: Let me cut the tag off this cart for you.
Hubby: Did I just buy this?

April 28, 2013
Ok so it has become a joke in our house:
hubby accidentally said "aso" while playing with languages he knows
Me: oh you just said dog in Filipino, it is "Kaww" in Fukian and "iro" in bisaya
hubby: so in Chinese it is "cow" for dog. That is why it's hard to understand you sometimes...
Me: No, it's not Cow, it is Kawww.

April 19, 2013
Jazzercise and Midland schools close for 2 Fridays in a row. We have school in BC so Lyn have me for her Just Dance partner today.
Lyn: Ma, I am getting all the crowns and I don't even go to jazzercise

April 18, 2013
Me showing Vyn some boy clothes I might be able to sew for him.
Vyn: No I don't want clothes, I want a bag
Me: But I can't find patterns or tutorials for boy bags.
Vyn: Some things you just have to make without people teaching you how to do it.

While watching Care Bears:
Lyn: Ma I want hot buns
Me: What? Why?
Lyn: They make your hair designs beautiful
Me: skip the commercials
Lyn: No, because I want to know what to like

March 12, 2013
After kindergarten round up tonight:
Lyn: I love kindergarten

February 16, 2013
While contemplating finishing his karate papers:
Vyn: Why do I have to write papers?
Me: So you can prove to Master Angel how much you have learned already. Then you can promote to higher belt when you test and show him you remember all the moves.
Vyn: What a waste of brain space.

January 7, 2013
While putting on her winter gear for school today.
Lyn: I like school, but I don't like all this drama.

January 5, 2013
Me: Why don't you play a board game or something that is not too physical so you don't get hurt.
Lyn: You want us to play a boring game?

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