Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Wall Hanging Quilt = Done

Since the fabric is already very busy, I thought practicing my free motion quilting on this project will not be very noticeable.  What the hubby noticed right away is the fact that it was not lying flat.  It is a little wavy on some sides.  I guess it is because  I used a polyester batting instead of the cotton batting I have been using for the other previous projects.

I did stippling on all the 9 square blocks and tried my hands on swirling on the easter egg border. 

Total size of the quilt is 18 X 18.5 inches.

The next two pictures show the back.  You will see that I did not check the bobbin stitches at the back until I finished the 9 blocks with my stippling.  Since I can't imagine repeating my stippling, I did not bother to rip the whole thing.   An Easter quilt will be something I have to do again next year.  That is if I ever get better for two reasons, first being the busy fabric choice and second the loose stitches at the back.

After seeing the loose tension above, I checked my swirls for the border after a few stiches and it stayed loose for a few times.  Lyn saw me repeatedly ripping stitches and told me that if I want to make a quilt for their rooms, I should do the brother's first.  She wants hers to be done when I am a little better with quilting.  Glad that after some tweaking with the tension settings, it tightened back to normal.

Here are more pictures, still need a lot more practice, practice and more practice on the quilting designs.

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