Friday, January 18, 2013

Kids Apron

 A few days ago, I went back to the local store where we bought the sewing machine and asked them to show me the basics and what my machine has to offer.  I was told not to get intimidated with sewing.  That all I need is just to keep on practicing and everything will just get better.  So when the kids decided to have their own aprons too, Lyn and I went fabric shopping.   She decided on a princess fabric and we decided on a sports themed fabric for Vyn.  We bought the pattern from our local JoAnn's Store.    I modified the neck part of their apron into a slip on instead of  tying it around the neck.  It resulted into a more kid friendly apron and they are both very excited.  As you can see the stitches are now better but still very amateurish.   The daddy also want to have one.  So elated I am with this learning how to sew process that I bought a few kits online.  I will surely post my  next projects.
Vyn's Sports Apron

Lyn's Princess Tiana Apron


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