Friday, December 28, 2012

Proof of Heaven

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
This is my second near death experience book, the first being Heaven is for Real. Heaven is for Real is Bible base. Everything the boy saw is accompanied by a scripture the father who is a pastor would include in the book.
In this book, Dr. Alexander is a church (episcopal church) goer, but he was not religious. As a neurosurgeon he is more scientific in his approach to life than religious. So when he hears of NDE's from his patients, he would listen but don't really take them seriously.
Dr. Eben Alexander is a respected and distinguished neurosurgeon who suddenly got ill with a rare and severe case of  E. coli meningitis.  He went on a deep coma for almost a week and survived.  While his body was in coma he went on his near death experience (NDE), where he saw the core, the gateway, brightness, darkness, higher beings and others.
Now he is a believer of the spiritual realm as he calls it.  That the very fabric that make up the spiritual realm is love, compassion and acceptance.
If you are not extremely religious or extremely scientific in your approach to the "after death" topic.  This would be a book, you can enjoy.  It is easy read and you get to learn some things about meningitis, about what Dr. Alexander saw and feel while in heaven and about his life as well.

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