Sunday, November 25, 2012

Basketball Tournament/PANEM

This year when asked what sports he would like to do, Vyn said he wanted to join basketball, nothing else.  So I registered him to his first basketball clinic provided by our high school.  He had fun learning about the game and handling the ball.   I also learned about the turkey basketball tournament and registered him for it.

Saturday, November 24 was the big day.  It was his first real basketball game and it was a tournament against 4 different schools.  They did very well but it was clear that most of his team were new to the game.  Vyn was able to dribble the ball down the court and passed the ball to a team mate very well.   After the third game I was a little worried that he might be too tired for an event that night.  Since we were up since 7 in the morning and he was physically running a lot during the games.  It was a great way for him to experience what a tournament was like and the fact that he was able to run the ball makes him/us very proud as well.

PANEM (Philippine Association of Northeastern Michigan),  I always thought this is a nursing association and have not thought of joining their events.  It was founded some 35 years ago and it is for Filipinos in Michigan not just nurses.  This year, I was informed and was told that some friends are going to be there.  So I joined the gala for the first time.  It was fun and a great experience specially for the kids.  They get to see other Filipinos and watched some folk dances.  Definitely a great way to end our busy day. 

On our way home, I told them it was later than their usual sleeping time.  So we won't be doing everything we usually do before bedtime.  Lyn asked "can we read a book still".  I said, no that will have to go for tonight.  We will read tomorrow instead.  Not a good answer because she started to whine and said " how about 1 page only".  Me:  No, we just have to go home and start with other parts of our night-night ritual and it's time to bed.  Or else, we will not go to any parties at night again.  Saying that makes me feel guilty but it worked.  We got home, did what needed to be done and off they went to bed.

Today, we woke up to a few inches of snow.  These 5 days of thanksgiving weekend is complete with all Michigan weather of sweater days and snow gear days.   

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