Monday, September 24, 2012

The Choice

This is my second Robert Whitlow book, the first being "Life Support".  In The Choice, he gave us another page turner about choices and how it affect our lives and our future.

The year was 1974 in Rutland, Georgia, Sandy was a normal teenager with a perfect life and a great boyfriend.  A decision to be intimate got her pregnant.  The boyfriend Brad and family wants Sandy to get an abortion, so they could get on with their lives. 

Sandy made the choice of completing school and the pregnancy in Atlanta with her aunt and giving the babies (twins) up for adoption.  On her way to Atlanta she met an old woman who gave her a prophecy and a warning.

Thirty years later, she is a teacher in the same high school in Rutland, Georgia.  A pregnant student came to her for help.  How is she going to advise the student? 

Pro-life, pro-choice, also a topic for this coming election.  Does the government have to give away free birth controls and abortions to prevent unwanted pregnancies?  Whatever decision a person decides in life is a choice one has to live with her whole life.  This book shows us how much an unwed pregnant teenager has to face decades ago and at present time.  How God is always there for and with us.  The last part of the book are questions for study group.

I got this book from booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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