Sunday, July 1, 2012

Value-Packed Parenting

Value Packed Parenting Workbook
Dr. Kevin Leman is a psychologist who will teach us how to pack our kids' luggage to help them  be ready to be on their own.  Do we want to pack it with things they will just soon discard, or pack it full of values?

Dr. Leman is fun to listen to.  The workbook is only 48 pages, but it is chock-full of lessons.  He emphasized that it is never too late to switch gears and try to be a better parent to our kids.  You can start now whether they are 4 or 14.   

There are seven lessons he is teaching in this workbook and each will have some biblical scriptures he would share as he discussed each lesson.

If you think about it, it really is mostly just common sense.  But when mood swings and tempers flare it is difficult especially for me to stay on top of the situation.  I just hope that I would be able to apply these lessons consistently daily. 

A big thank you to our church for giving me a copy of this workbook and letting me borrow the DVD.  There are some points that is really awakening for me.  Made me realized I should switch a few gears now.  The daily challenge lies in keeping the gear where it should be and not to revert back to my old impatient, etc. self.  

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