Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Sound Like Fire

A Sound Like Fire
This is another very long Christian rapture fiction, base on the Book of Revelation.  Israel, the Holy Land and the Jews are the chosen ones and will be the only nation to stand against the rest of the One World Government that the Anti-Christ has been slowly implementing.   That Lucifer, the Father of Lies has been deceiving people from the beginning of time.   If you are a member of the knights Templar,  Illuminati, Freemasonry, Jehovah's Witness or if your religion is considered as Pantheism which includes Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism and those who believe in Islam, be very open minded if you decide to read this book and remind yourselves that this is fiction.  If you are a Christian, be ready to accept your fate when the second coming is here.  Do you accept Jesus as our savior?  Do you call yourselves Christians but do not live according to the teachings of Jesus?   Will the true believers of Jesus rise up to the heavens when the time comes and leave those who have doubts to the  mercies of the anti-christ ?
 In this book, Dax - a Christian was a U.S. senator who lived a very successful, privilege life but was not without fault.  He have a family and goes to church for show but also kept another woman for pleasure.  His wife was not faithful or loyal to the marriage as well.  He started out helping in the unification of the New World Order into one God and one Government.  Then he realized that his brother, a pastor was right when the Christian Rapture happened.  Now, he is one of those left behind and imprisoned.   He shared his life story with the rest of the imprisoned Christians while they were all trying to be strong in their born again belief in Jesus and survive their living conditions.   It also states that all the natural disasters and national crisis affecting the world today is a way to condition people away from God and is all the doing of Lucifer. 
I  give this book only a 2 star because the descriptions on what people can do to a fellow human being are sometimes too grotesque.  The naming of the above organizations and religions does not appeal to me either.  Although I understand that if you are a true Christian, you will try to save as much people by teaching about Jesus.  It is very evident that the writer is trying to bring people to believe in Jesus and God.    I just don't like the style used in this book.
I received this book free from "Booksneeze" in exchange for an honest review.

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