Friday, December 2, 2011

Florida = Why is everything cool not in Michigan

We don't usually travel during the school months.  But I always grabbed at  opportunities to do so.  When the hubby decided to run in races and bring us along, I agreed without questions. The hubby has been training for the marathon since he decided to run the Space Coast Marathon.  After months of training, the day has finally come on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 6:15 in the morning.

We decided to fly to Florida on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24 from Detroit to Orlando.  It was Lyn's first airplane ride and she was very excited for days.  Vyn has flown to the Philippines and to Arizona but he says he can't remember how it felt flying.  So he also wanted to consider this trip as his first airplane ride.  The flight was expectedly full with kids of all ages and temperaments.  I was glad when Lyn said "it tickles" when we started to take off, then Vyn also said it tickles and both just giggled, doodled and played with their usual gadgets.  We stayed at Melbourne for the duration of our stay.  Had Thanksgiving Dinner at Denny's, which happens to be the only restaurant nearby still serving on a holiday evening.

Friday, November 25, we visited Cocoa Beach where the venue of the run was going to be.  We planned on where to meet and walked around their downtown and visited the beach.  Picked the running packet and visited Jetty's Park.  Vyn found his favorite Thai and Sushi restaurant there.  Then we waited for my cousin who decided to guide us to Downtown Disney.   It was great to finally meet up with my cousins.  We haven't seen each other in decades and now everybody already have our own family.   On our way back to the hotel Vyn asked " Why is everything cool not in Michigan?" 

to be continued

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