Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Turtle Race October 2011

The hubby has been running since I knew him but not races until the Crim Run of 2010.  This weekend, we went to Mackinac Island for the Great Turle Race.  We have visited Mackinac Island for day tours but stayed for two nights this time at the Mission Point Resort, which also happens to be the headquarter for the race.  You won't believe the luggage we have for a two night stay.  One bag is for coffee supplies and paraphernalia, another for running gear and clothing since he have to pack for unpredictable weather ( a set for in case the temperature will be in the 40's and another set for 60 to 70's).  Then we have a bag of clothing for the kids and I and another bag for trick or treating costumes, buckets and candies.

On our drive over to Mackinaw City on Friday, October 21 after school.   We decided to stop for a break.  I asked Lyn if she wanted to go to the bathroom and go "pee".  She asked "is it clean?".  We have been to a few places recently where only porta potties are available and she won't go in them.  A few weekend ago we went to a pumpkin patch and for hours she just did not relieved herself because of them.

Saturday, October 22 was the race which started at 11:30.  Fortunately, weather wise it turned out to be sunny.  The days before that has been cloudy, rainy and just plain dreary.  While the dad was running, the kids and I walked around the resort and some parts of the island.  When some runners of the 5.7 run starts coming back to the finish line, Vyn saw some kids running as well and told me he wanted to run the next time dad goes on the race again.  I told him he have to start training for it, he said, he is a naturally fast runner.  Something to look forward to in the near future I guess.  The daddy came back about 2 hours after.  He missed his goal by 42 seconds he said.  The track was a bit on the hilly side with tree branches and rocks along the path.  As for me, it would be an accomplishment to run 1 mile without huffing and puffing.

Sunday, October 23, we woke up to a very foggy island.  The walked to the ferry dock was wet because of the fog.  The hubby dropped his itouch and cracked the screen.  The boat ride was wavy.  Our car was not where it was supposed to be and we have to wait for 2 hours before they located it in their storage and drove it to where it should be.  We stopped at the Sea Shell City, a place where we always just drive by on our way North for camping trips.  It happens to be a big sea shell store.  The different varieties of shells we saw was very interesting and exciting.  We are glad to be back to home, although cool, it was a sunny day for unpacking.

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