Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May-June 2011 Camping

This year we started out our camping at my mother-in-law's lakeside property up north in May.  It was a great weekend with uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents.  Fishing was awesome even my 3 year old Lyn caught a few fish, our 7 year old Vyn caught one after the other and almost won the first place for his team in the fishing contest.  My team which consist of my hubby and I got the least number of fish.  The grandma have lots of games in store to keep the young ones occupied.
We then went to Hartwick Pines for father's day weekend.  Hartwick Pine's has become one of our favorite destinations for summer camping.  
Since Lyn is now 3 and can walk a little bit farther without being carried.  We decided on going to more trail walks.  The dad has been running on these trails.

These butterflies were so busy with the wild flowers that they did  not mind having their pictures taken.

The kids and I learned a lot about "Beavers" at the camp amphitheater.

A little fishing at both Bright and Glory Lakes.

We also went on a "Bog Walk".  I just finished a book by Tess Gerritsen " The Keepsake" which includes information about bogs.  I was glad when I knew that I get to see a real bog.  Bogs are very acidic and have very low oxygen level so the plant species that grows on them are limited.  The ground is spongy too.  We also get to touched the insides of carnivorous plants and looked inside the stems where all the exoskeletons of the insects they digested were. Since it is still early summer we saw only a few of the flowers that bloomed this time of the year.

We visited a Fish Hatchery.  Lyn started out throwing one pellet at a time but learned that the fish jumps out of the water more if you throw a bunch of fish food at once.  Vyn had so much fun here too.

This was a great start to the camping season.

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