Monday, July 26, 2010

What a Weekend

On Friday, we had breakfast at home, lunch in Ohio and dinner in Pennsylvania.  We did a few hours driving in the morning of Saturday and PARTIED in the afternoon with family celebrating graduation for a special niece.  What GREAT time hanging out with family, swimming, dancing and catching up.  We started driving around 930 with the plan of stopping a few hours after and stay in a hotel or something.  Well, we learned a lesson, if you have no reservations, don't plan on driving till midnight, seems like hotels are full at nights.  We stopped at 3 different towns along the way and all the accomodations were taken.  At around 1230, my boss the driver tried one more Comfort Inn and they denied him comfort because all their rooms were taken so we just slept in the car in the parking lot.  What an experience, I moved my 2 year old to the back of our car and she just continued sleeping.  The 6 year old don't want to move from his booster seat.  The boss stayed in his driver seat and I tried to sleep in the space available with my 2 year old.  Around 430 in the morning we started driving again and got home Sunday afternoon.  This week our 6 year old is nature camping and the 2 year old never remembered sleeping in the car.  They both don't mind the experience, what a relief.

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