Monday, July 19, 2010

Kindle or Nook

Since we got home, I have been contemplating on getting myself an e-reader. An e-reader would have save us a lot of storage space in the camper.  Instead of a drawer full of books, we could have use the space for clothes or food.  Nook or Kindle  oh, what a choice.  Here is a comparison on the different e-readers by WIKI.  Although I am leaning more on Nook because we can change the battery and add memory ourselves.   I know though that it would still take me years to fill up the 1500 books memory available.  I am still hesitant to buy one because reviews has been mentioning that e-reader prices will dive soon.  An ipad would sometimes come to mind but then it would defeat the purpose of JUST being a reader.  It would be multi-tasking and with an LCD screen.  Not really something you want to do while camping or watching the kids.  An iphone, blackberry, droid, PDA and others can also be use for reading but would you really like to read books for hours in those screens? Plus, we don't see any advantages in having a mobile phone yet, except for an extra bill to pay.  People walking around with bluetooth and talking on their phones while shopping and walking around is not really what I wanted to look and sound like. Nook also have soduko and chess included which is a very good distraction for me when I get bored of reading or just want to do something else and we can do minimal browsing with it if we want to.  So I guess it is NOOK then!  But when???
By the way, the GPS is a hit with the hubby, he can't drive without it nowadays.  I am glad I did not get him one with the phone or with other extra stuff included.  It was able to guide us to where we wanted to go and direct us to groceries and other places we wanted to go without a problem.  The voice recognition was a plus and the guys are able to play with some of the games included. 
I know most or some of you may think I am so lame for doing this.  Most of you might even have gadgets smaller and with more futuristic tasking toys.  But this is MY blog and as I have posted before, this blog will be about tea, coffee and personal gadgets we are happy with or wish for and of course some personal ramblings as well.  Thank you for dropping by...

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