Sunday, July 24, 2016

Grand Island Trail Marathon 2016

The hubby decided on running the full marathon for the Grand Island Trail Marathon this year.  This was his fourth year doing the Grand Island Trail run.  The first being a full marathon, the second and third were both half marathons and this was a full marathon.  This was the first year that the Grand Island hosted a 50K trail run as well.    

We stayed at the Hillcrest Cabins in Munising.  This has been our favorite place to stay in Munising so far.

We were able to ride the shuttle bus that drove us to the nine mile point and 22 mile point.  Below is the view from the 9 mile stop.

There were just about 20 of us that took the bus.  We saw was a mother who she stopped, ate some orange slices and had a drink of pop, chat with the daughters about how tough running on the beach was and off she went.  Some spectators missed their runners in this spot, but saw them at the 22 mile point.

Above and below pictures were taken from the Mather Lodge.

Unfortunately our shuttle bus left before the hubby reached this point.  Some of the spectators runners were fast and they don't want to miss their runners at the finishing line.

A hand blown medallion for the top runners.  Hubby was 3rd in his age group. 

A big thank you to the lady wearing a pink knee brace who went back to help the hubby when he tripped over some twigs about two miles from the finish line.

This was our ride back to Munising.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the hubby and all the runners.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Weekend After School 2016

We decided to go to our cabin for the first weekend after school.  It was a great weekend kayaking, paddle boarding, playing in the water and fixing the dock.  Bandit was also with us which made the trip fun for Vyn. 

 We always love Ludington and so we joined in their attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for longest ice cream dessert.  Here is the link to the article:  Ludington Ice Cream


ice cream being delivered

ice cream scooping

whipped cream squirting

cherris on top


our share of the ice cream take note it is not soupy

House of Flavors is one of our favorite stop in Ludington.  It was great to be a part of this attempt.  I sure hope they  made it.

after the serving
  It was a great weekend of just relaxing and not doing much.  We get to join in a family (cousin R's)  graduation open house right before the ice cream event.   We got back to Ludington at around 0610 pm, the event was planned to start at 0600 pm.  So we were glad when it did not start right on the dot.  Once the event started it was pretty organized and things just progressed smoothly until the final step of serving the cups.  The ice cream went in with the scoopers all efficiently scooping as fast as they can, then the chocolate syrup was poured, the whip cream squirted and the cherries topped the longest ice cream.  Even with the crowd, we all got our ice cream in great shape and taste.

As usual when we stopped by the Home Depot that night, our cashier tried to strike up conversation about it.  As we said how great the event was.  The lady behind us can't stop talking about how she was disappointed with the organizing and how her ice cream was soupy.  The event may not have started on time but as you can see in the pics above, they were not soupy at all.

Memorial Weekend 2016

We spent Memorial weekend with my mother-in-law.  It was the first Memorial Weekend without grandpa K. 

We helped grandma D finished her bottle house project.  The older cousins started it a few years back. 

Vyn did a magic show and cousin S did hair designs on Lyn.

It was a great weekend spent with family and team building. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dow Run 2016

The weather was perfect for this year's Dow Run.  Since the hubby is training for a full marathon sometime this year, he decided to run only 1M this time.  He ran with Vyn and his friend and they did good time.

I ran with Lyn and her friend C with her parents.  But as usual I was not able to keep up.  The girls finished at about 10 to 11 minutes while I finished 15 minutes, hehehehe for a 1M that is pretty slow. I was walking and chatting with friends along the way.

C's mom said that while running they came across another mother with a daughter who kept on saying "are you a loser or a winner?"  

The boys almost trampled on a girl who fell a few feet in front of them.  Later, I found out that another friend's daughter did fall and got a few scrapes in the beginning of the race.

Here is the link to the DowRun website and here is the link to the results

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mackinac Island Great Turtle Trail Run

This is a very late blog.  Lots of things going on last year, I forgot.  This is going to be short with mostly pictures telling the story and from whatever is left in my memory about the event.  Here is a link to send you to other articles about the race.

Mackinac Island and to register for the 2016 race

One of our stops on our way to Mackinaw.

View from an overlook we always drive by.  This time we stopped.

It was raining on the day of the run but we climbed up these steps.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easy Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake

I have been receiving notifications from  a facebook page called "Tasty".   Tried a couple dishes from it as well.  Life has been a little hectic these past couples months so I haven't been really taking much pictures, let alone blogging.  I had hope of rectifying that situation.

As you can see, my version is not as pretty.  I did not take the time to really pick the prettiest and most equal in size and shape strawberries.  The kids and the hubby loves it.  I used a favorite gluten free brownie mix. 
Here is another link to the site with yummy pictures and video.

- 1 box of brownie mix, and ingredients needed to make them
- 16 oz cream cheese, softened
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 8 oz whipped cream or whipped topping
- 1 cup chocolate chips

Prepare the brownie mix according to package instructions, and pour the batter into a springform pan. Bake according to package instructions, and cool completely. Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Fold in vanilla and whipped cream, then fold in the chocolate chips. Spread over the cooled brownie in the springform pan. Decorate with toppings of your choice, or just leave it plain! Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

DIY Marbled Paper

From Meaningful Mama.  Found this project in my facebook feed and just had to try it.  The kids both still love art.  So here is our version:
Squirting of shaving cream on an aluminum foil.

Dropping food colors.

Making patterns

Paper placed on top of the swirled colored shaving cream.

Kids were like:  MOOOOMMMM you destroyed the design.  This was the paper side once you removed it from the foil.

Scraping the excess shaving cream.

Each had to take a turn.

Last scraping.

Voila!  Our own marbled paper.