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Everything is a work in progress and so is KCK Blogger.  This is about my life journey in the areas mostly regarding food, books, current events, my kids, our pet dog "Bandit" and  about quilting.

I got involved with quilting after I saw a wall art at the hospital wall and I just have to learn how to do it.  Still at the very beginner's level in this area.

All I can say about the recipes is that if I can do them, so can everybody else.  These are recipes I  found online and recipes from magazines and cookbooks.  Food is not an exact science, modify as you please.  Click on the links to go to the website of my sources.

Opinions/reviews on books I read will also be a regular.  I was registered with "booksneeze".  They provide books for free, they only ask for an honest review on the books in return.  Since I started quilting, I have not read a booksneeze book yet.  But I still have quite a few books to read from my Nook and from church. 

As originally planned, I am going to post some things about my kids' growing up years.  Our family adventures, campings and vacations.

Some ramblings on current events and rantings on whatever I fancied on. 

Unless otherwise noted, every opinion is mine alone.   I would love and will always welcome any comments and opinions from readers.  So I could also learn from you.

Thank you for dropping by, hope you enjoy your visit and come back again.

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