Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kids 2017

This post is about a post on Facebook and other social media about kids spirit and how as parents we should try not to tame their spirits.  That the most difficult kid can still sometimes end up being the world changer.

Channel that energy, not damping the spirit.

Then I hear a neighbor kid.  We would know when he is awake or when they are eating because all of the sudden there will be peace in the neighborhood.  Otherwise, it was just shouting of LOOK AT ME,  DO THIS,  DO THAT all day long until he had to eat or sleep.

We would hear the parents shushing the dogs, but not the kid.  The kid happened to be louder and more non-stop than the dog.  Why shush the dog but not the kid?  Then it reminds me of this post.

Not taming the spirit out of them may be a way of raising presidents or leaders or CEOs.  So if this is how we should raise them, when should we discipline them.  When do we tell them to keep quite there are neighbors who can hear them, when do we tell them to stop demanding or whining?

I wonder where the line draws on having the kid screaming the whole day and when to tell him to keep it quite.  If you want to keep him presidential do you have to listen to all the whining and demands all day long?

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