Thursday, September 24, 2015

Interview 1

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The day is here.  I actually just got home from my first job interview after more than ten years of staying home.  I got there 15 minutes earlier so I  texted my hubby and called him just to ask  him to send some "good luck" vibes my way.

A friend told me to be ready with some interview questions commonly asked.  I got my mind to think of answers but don't want to sound too scripted.  So I did not compile great answers to common interview questions.  I told her I will just go with the flow.  Thank you friend "M" for helping me and being one of my reference.

After the tour of the hospital laboratory, all three of us seated in the laboratory office.  Questions asked were mostly about me as a person.  They want to know how I handle stress, what was the most challenging event that happened when I was working and follow up questions to any answers I may have given.  They asked for instruments I used while working.  Luckily I got a copy of an old resume with me that included the list.

I think we had a good interaction, lots of good vibes going around.  But there was always the shadow about my not being at work for 10 years that always comes back.  "C"  mentioned it a couple times and it was what concerns her the most.  She is not familiar with AMT and prefers ASCP as well which I told her is an exam I will gladly take once I qualify for it.   "S" on the other hand, seems to be satisfied with me.

I left a copy of my list of  references and left the laboratory with a good feeling.  Hoping it was mutual all around.

Waiting for another email or phone call with GOOD NEWs...Hopefully.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 was the day I received an email from the human resources of the hospital I had an interview with.

It was a big blow.  They had chosen a better candidate.  I know that the chances are slim but still I had hoped for it to be a positive outcome.  Friends have been very encouraging, telling me to just keep on applying. 

Friday, May 29 2015, I got an email from the laboratory manager:

Unfortunately, the recently posted 3rd shift position has already been filled.  We will soon be posting an occasional position: I think that this may be a better way for you to get back into the laboratory.  It would allow you to get to a comfort level appropriate for a tech without the pressure of having to quickly move into a full time position.

I hope that this position will be of interest to you.


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