Thursday, September 24, 2015

CRIM Run 2015

Both the hubby and Vyn ran the 2015 CRIM Run.  The hubby did the 10 Mile Race and ran the 5K with Vyn after the 10M.  This was Vyn's first Crim run. 

This year we invited my mother in law to come and watched the race with Lyn and I.

Picking up both our runners running packet.
10M runners divided into their different pace. 

Off they went.

This year we decided to watch the runners come back a little farther but with a clear view -without the fence.

Hubby's 2nd race for the day - Vyn's first Crim run

5K medal fits into the 10M medal - the hubby's  second set.  Vyn's first Crim medal.

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