Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Partial Shut Down

So this is the second week of the partial government shut down.  Here is a link of what is going on from foxnews.

Like all kinds of relationship, if compromising is gone, the relationship deteriorates.  What happens when only one side is being heard?  When  only the egos and pride and what they want is given and the other side just give in all the time. 

The government is supposed to be there to make the community run smoothly.  But when the government is in havoc, the people suffer.  Did the people who promised to make the country a better place to be, who promised to improve our lifestyles really did what they promised.  Or are they just there muscling for what they believe in without thought for the rest of us,  but their very own agendas only.

I am starting to really dislike the word "entitle".  Why is it that working and enjoying the fruit of your own labor so difficult.  Why is it that people think that because they are born to this country or this family that they are entitled to part or all of somebody else's hard work.  If people just work for what they want and not feel entitled to somebody else's work, will we be in such a mess?

Debt is something we all struggle with.  What with credit cards readily available and companies sending application forms every day.  The discipline to spend only what we earn is difficult to do since there are thousands available with just a flick of the card.  Yet what do you suppose will happen to a family where the mom and dad just kept on bickering at each other.  They both carry 10 credit cards to the max and paying only minimums.  Of course there are the normal mortgages or house rents, the car loans, student loans to name a few.  These people are up to the tip of their foreheads in debt and yet they plan to go on a luxury vacation to their budget.  Of course that means adding another credit card to pay for the vacation.  As a family member or friend to people like this, do we just allow them to do it or at least say something.  If you are a government, do you just allow these people to take in more debt for the people to pay or try to stop this nonsense?

How about the people who are really affected by this shut down.  Who are thinking of their welfares and their common good.  Especially if they still have to go to work without compensation until a compromise is going to be settled.  What will happen if a compromise between the mom and dad of the government is not allowed because the other side will not even listen?

That is my two cents for our current government situation.  Thank you for reading.

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