Friday, October 18, 2013

Gingerbread Men Soap

Today, Friday October 18, 2013, I decided to make some gingerbread men.  I used the leftover soaps for a few happy faces and a musical mold I got from our grocery store.  They turned out great as well.  The details showed and did not break at all as I was expecting.  My daughter Lyn saw the molds when they got home and just started peeling the soaps off.  The designs held and came off the mold just fine. The house smells like Christmas time. 

This time, I did not freeze the mold.  Practiced my patience and waited for a few hours before attempting to unmold the soaps.  They came out pretty easy and were not wet at all.
Because I sometimes like to do things fast.  I over poured the white details and had to do some cosmetic surgery to give the gingerbread men a sharp and clean look.  The hubby saw me removing tiny bits of pieces in the eyebrow area and was like " I thought it is just melt and then pour ". 

Definitely, not just melt and pour if you have different colors to add and has to be precise with the detailings.  Noticed the white soap in the supposedly only red top botton?  This is what happens when my impatience took over and I was not meticulously doing what I should have.

 Since the soap came out dry and I don't want any crystallization to happen.  I wrapped them right away and practiced making my own soap box.  I obviously still need to practice wrapping the soaps and making it tighter.  But at least these soaps are going to be protected from the elements.

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