Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bandit - Adjusting

Bandit has been house trained when he was young.  But has been living in an outside kennel for years.  He surely adjusted very well to being an inside dog with us.  He walked into our house the very first day Wednesday, May 29 and did not chew or bite anything.

Thursday, May 30,  we were sleep deprived.   I decided to introduced Bandit to our normal house noises like the dish washer, the laundry washer and dryer and even vacuumed most of the house.  He did not seemed disturbed at all.  He also proved to be a very good and alert watch dog.  He is aware of every jogger/walker and other dogs and creatures that walked passed our property. 

Saturday, June 1,  I allowed Vyn to walk with Bandit alone around our yard.   I also let Lyn try walking Bandit by herself in the backyard.  A big kudos to Sam who took care of  Bandit before us.  He was able to let Bandit become a good walker, gentle enough to allow kids to walk him.

Monday, June 3, we all had a good sleep.  Bandit did not even whimper.  He just went to bed and stayed until I got him out to go potty this morning.  He is definitely catching on our daily  not so regular routine. 

As for toilet business, he has been going twice a day, morning and night but eats only at night.  After learning that he does have a lot of walking/outside time during the day,  he decided to change his routine.  He ate only a few bites last night, Monday, June 10 and only did his toilet business in the morning.  He did finished all his food Tuesday morning but did not eat anything at night.

Bandit was scheduled for his oral Bordetella booster and heart worm prevention injection.  We heard a little complain for the injection but he was a very good dog even when they had to extract some blood for the heart worm test.  He also behaved when other pets came in the waiting room with us.

Inside the exam room
We had his previous medical records transferred to a closer vet office and learned that Bandit is officially going to be 5 years old tomorrow, June 12.

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