Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Very First Quilted Tote Bag

The hubby mentioned that I really needed to buy myself a new purse.  What do you think a wanna be quilter do after hearing that?  Of course, I started searching through youtube for a quilt bag tutorial.  Luckily my favorite Jenny Doan have a free youtube tutorial for a tote bag using charm squares.  Click on the link to see her tutorial.  I modified it into a shoulder bag instead of the four handles, just because I like my bags to only have one long handle.  The handle was supposed to be even longer but I put it on the wrong side of the bag so I had to removed it and just sewn it right on the lining.

Since I still have a few more charm squares leftover from my spring quilt.  I was glad to finally be able to use them.

These are the charm squares that I decided to use for this project.

These two pictures are the lining inside the bag.  I just used some more extra fabrics in the stash. 

After the lining was sewn together with the top of the bag and everything pulled right side out.  My handles were stuck in the middle layer so I just cut them off and attached it on to the lining.

I did straight quilting for this project. 

This is the inside, showing the lining with the pockets.  I am not sure what the orange pocket is for.  It is too narrow and small.  But am sure I can find something to fit inside it.

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