Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Quilt Top

I tried to pace myself and give a week or two between quilts so I don't end up having too much fabric stash.  Since the sun is finally shining and the day starting to get longer, I decided on a spring inspired quilt top.  Youtube search brought me these two patterns.  The fabric are charm squares from our local Walmart.

Dabbling with quilting has made me realize just what a restless soul I am.  I can't make myself sew more than 3-4 blocks of the same quilt pattern.  This is from Jenny Doan free youtube tutorials for both Garden Flower Charm and Disappearing Nine Patch.

Disappearing Nine Patch
Jenny Doan made a very simple nine patch block look like it is very complicated. The final block looked like you sew together tiny pieces of fabric.

Garden Flower Charm

This is a garden flower block.  I still need a lot of practice to make my points meet more sharper and the seams to line up better.

This was how the blocks looked like after the fabrics were cut.

Let's see how I decide to finish this quilt in my next post.  Until then.

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