Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Wall Hanging Quilt Top

So far I have been able to make a wall hanging quilt for every holiday since Valentine's, actually Christmas if you include the magic quilt.   For Easter I decided to incorporate a cross into the quilt to remember that Easter is not just Easter eggs and bunnies.  Sure enough, when my 4 year old saw my fabric choices, she did asked me why.

As you can see, the fabric choice was mine.  It looked ok to me when I was at the local JoAnn's.  But obviously, I still needed a lot of learning and practicing for picking the right fabric combinations.  But since I have the easter bunny, easter egg, easter lily and the cross all together and I wanted to start the project already, I still continued with the plan.

While going through online and some magazines for a quilt pattern to follow, I finally decided on the book "Quilted Devotions".  Because the sizes for the finished blocks is just perfect for the wall I have been using for my quilts.  Lisa Cogar called this pattern "Jacob's Ladder".

The intimidation/apprehension I always felt when I started a quilting project is slowly diminishing.   Even when I know my fabric choices were not great.  It was still a good satisfying feeling finishing the quilt top.

I am sure you would have noticed by now that I don't like to have lots of leftover fabrics.   Most of the time I used the same fabrics to the back.  This is the backing for the quilt.

Will post the finished project again when I am done with the quilting.  Thank you for visiting.

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