Saturday, February 9, 2013

Table Runner Quilt

This table runner came as a quilt kit from Annie's Catalogue.  I was able to learn how to cut and piece together triangles.  Was so glad when all the pieces lined up.  Then of course I have to try free motion quilting.  As you can see in the pictures below, if I had just moved on to the next project and be done with it, the table runner would have been a success already.

This is the result of an amateurish free motion quilting.  Instead of enhancing the beauty of the fabric, I added some doodling that would make my 4 year old's art look so much better.

Does not mean I am giving up on quilting though.  This is just my second piece.  Maybe I should just go back to scrap fabrics again and practice some more.

This is the back.  I pieced another fabric to the original to give the whole table runner a second look.  The bobbin thread was beige so the quilting is a little hidden.

Learning how to quilt project is still on and I will post more as I finished each and every piece.  Let's all see if I can make myself learn and maybe be good at some useful craft.   

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