Saturday, January 19, 2013

Comment on My Review

I received a comment on my review of the 12 Extraordinary Women.  This comment makes me wonder how many Catholics read the bible and became Protestants?  How many read the bible and strengthen their faith in catholicism? 

This is why its important to read the entire Bible so you know if the preaching from the pulpit is true or not. Or when you go home get the Bible out and read for yourself in context. If you had read the bible, you would understand why MacArthur 'seem' to be anti-catholic in your eyes. Catholics is more about men's traditions not God's word. Sounds like you only attend services when your friends go, what is that all about? Lastly, I am baffled by your statement that you are interested in reading Christian books but have yet to read the Bible? I just wanted to add, you are missing out on a brand new world by not reading God's word.

KCK Blogger says:
I agree I have to really start reading the bible. Don't be baffled, I am just more worried I might end up interpreting it the wrong way. Have you read the book as well? Do you think the charpter about Mary is not anti-catholic? I admit I am not a regular church goer but not because of friends going or not. The commitment to go regularly is just not there.

I think when you start reading God's word, you might come to the same conclusion as MacArthur. No, I haven't read this particular book but you might consider me anti-catholic too. The catholic church is elevating Mary to the same level as Jesus and that is definitely not biblical. You can go to and find John's sermons, he is a very good preacher. The sermons would help you understand more clearly what you are reading. Even if you are not commit to going to church, I strongly urge you to start reading it. Most people recommend to start with the New Testament. I had to know the beginning so I started with Genesis. I learned from it how much God loves us and why Jesus had to die for us. If you like to share directly with me, my email is

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