Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook 2012

Most of us send our kids to schools for education.  We trusted the teachers to educate them so they would be ready for the future.  Teachers were always look up to as heroes for everything they do.  Last Friday, December 14, 2012 some of these heroes shared not only their time, wisdom, education, patience but also their lives protecting the children in their care.

Everybody tries to make sense of the tragedy and grieves in our own way.  These were very young kids learning their ABC's, colors and shapes, counting down the days when Santa will come to their homes.  How can we understand events like this?  Here are the things I have seen so far:

As I turned on my computer that fateful day after a lunch date with friends.  All I see are news about the rampage.  I saw some friends already posting about gun control, just reacting from shock and grieve I reposted it.  Then  we saw posts about people not being compassionate, that we should give these families time to grieve before politicizing the event.  But then when exactly should we talk about it? 

Then there were posts about angels and fields in heaven.  Then came all the posts that these poets have the wrong theology.

As the investigation unfolds, we got the name of the shooter.   We then get posts about mentally disturbed and how society and government should make it possible for parents with children that are mentally challenged have more access to help.  We also get posts about why people try to blame society instead of teaching individual accountability.

Mike Huckabee video came next and I thought that what he said was right on as well.  But then we later see posts that Mike's view of God is wrong since God is everywhere, everytime. 

As we go down through our news feeds, we will see that everybody is right.  Everybody is just trying to make sense of what happened.  Yet, it is so difficult to say something and have everybody agree with what you think.   How are we all going to get together and find a common ground where we help each other prevent tragedies like this to happen again?

Let us all peacefully agree that a young man who was mentally challenged got a hold of guns, entered an elementary school and killed young kids and some adults including himself and his mother.  How do we prevent this without saying that only my way is the right way.

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