Sunday, October 28, 2012

Great Turtle Race - October 2012

The hubby decided to join the Great Turtle Race again this year.  But we made a few tweaks to our plan to make things a little different from last year.  This time instead of staying in the island the night before the race, we decided to stay in Mackinaw City.   We decided to stay at the Cabins of Mackinaw for a change.  People who are tired of the hotel scene and is apprehensive to try camping/tenting.  This is an experience you might want to try.  Click on the link to check out what they have to offer.

After oohing and aahing when we first step into our cabin.  I announced " oh, I don't mind staying here for weeks on end"  Vyn said, "but I don't want to miss school."

We also tried for the first time the Arnold Ferry Line to Mackinac Island.  The catamaran we rode was roomy, comfortable, provides a smooth sailing and is fast.  We will obviously be a repeat customer to this ferry line for future Mackinac Island crossings.  On our way to the Island, we sat with a young couple on the upper/second enclosed deck.  The guy has been running the turtle race for 4 years and mentioned that this year, a lot of people registered because of the unique medal that will be given to the 2012 runners.  The hubby did noticed that the registration for this year's run was closed early.  Now we know why.

The trail is already familiar with the hubby,  expected hurdle are the hills which provided the challenge as usual.  But the scenic trail still was exhilarating.  The weather was also perfect.  The kids and I went for a short walk along the water to the Arch Rock.    It is a peaceful and beautiful walk to take even for just a few minutes.  The hubby did better than last year. 

We went back to the mainland after the run and enjoyed the water park nearby.   Just a precaution to people wanting to visit Mackinaw this time of the year.  Some establishments including some restaurants are already closed for the the season.  We have to drive around for places to eat since our first and second choices were closed already.  Breakfast on Sunday was at our favorite Pancake Chef which luckily is open year round.

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