Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pursuit of Honor

Pursuit of Honor (Mitch Rapp Series #10)

 This book continues where Extreme Measures left off.   The three terrorists involved in the death of 185 citizens in D.C. and the attack on the National Counterterrorism Center are still at large.  Mike Nash is having trouble adjusting back with family life and his life as a CIA agent after the event.  Mitch Rapp has to answer to the politicians who were questioning his methods.  He also have to flushed out the person who is leaking intel.  All the time, trying to locate the three terrorists still in American soil.

Karim the self appointed "Lion of Al Queda" is making all kinds of decisions that makes them easier to track. 

There are people who sacrificed a lot to keep us safe.  Most of the time we don't really know them and their heroism since they are kept off the media for their own protection.  But politically there will always be two or even multiple sides of everything.  Whatever you do or not do can be interpreted as pro or con and all sides will have a right answer to everything.   

Our current political situation is very hot because of the election coming up.  Vince Flynn demonstrated in this book how it is like when you are really doing all the arguing for political correctness.  Everyone can make an argument to make the other sides sound wrong. Yet all sides are for the common good of the people.

For me it was not as fast paced as other Vince Flynn books I have read. But it was not disappointing.

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