Saturday, August 4, 2012

July 2012 Camping

We decided to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our July camping this year.  The hubby made reservations six months ago for the Indian Lake State Park campground.

Our drive over was interrupted a couple of times due to a window of the camper that kept on getting unlatched.  We stopped at Sea Shell City and the hubby sealed it.  A friend who knew we were going to the U.P. recommended Garlyn Zoo, a friendly, family owned zoo just a few minutes off the Mackinac Bridge.  But with the unplanned delay of the camper window and the constructions going on, we decided to visit the zoo the next time we planned on another U.P. trip.

Day two was spend around our campground and a short drive to Kitch-iti-kipi.  The "Big Spring" which was also named "The Mirror of Heaven" is just a few minutes drive from our campgroud.  It is Michigan's largest natural fresh water spring.  We enjoyed taking turns being the captain of the self-operated observation raft attached to a cable.  The view all around was stunning. A look down the raft is a feast for the eyes with abundance of trout swimming around.  The water gushing out from underneath the sand is something I have not seen before and is a sight to behold.

Day three, was raining in the morning.  We played memory game, blackout and others.  Then we drove to Munising and on board the "Fireball" we did the shipwreck tours.  Looking and learning about  the shipwrecks was fascinating. 

We did a lot of driving on our fourth day.  With the help of the map we were able to find a campground the hubby and his family frequented when they were kids.  The campground is in between two lakes and the beach for both were just serene. 

On our fifth day we went on a boardwalk to the Manistique Lighthouse.  The view was very pretty and the beach was very inviting but the lighthouse definitely needed a new coat of paint.

Indian Lake campground has now joined the ranks of our favorite campgrounds.  One of the campground activity we were able to join was an ice cream social.  They had a raffle for kids and another for adults.  Lyn won first place for the kids.  She got a snow white fishing pole complete with bobbers and others.  The bathroom/showers were all good size and clean.  There is a hiking trail which the hubby use for his running.  Of course nothing can beat a beach just a few feet off our camp site. 

On our drive back home we had lunch at Scalawags Whitefish and Chips in Mackinaw City.  Scalawags has always been our favorite stop that part of Michigan.  We also witnessed a forest fire somewhere in the Gaylord area.

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