Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crim Run August 2012

Saturday, August 25th 2012, the kids and I started the day at 0500 am, everybody was ready for the drive to Flint a few minutes before 0600.  The runner hubby was up earlier to get his coffee down and relax before the drive.  We planned to be in Flint for the run by 0700.  We only saw one car who was already in the racing mode swerving at every car that's on its way. 

When we get into our favorite parking lot, we noticed right away that there were more people this year.  They even have to divide the runners into different starting waves.  It definitely was a good turn out.  Saw a friend while waiting for the time.  She and her family and a few other friends are running their first Crim Race and all made good time as well.

As always, the kids and I watched the race at the starting line and the finished line.  Since there obviously were more runners, it was crowded both in the runners path and the expectators in the sidewalk.  We saw one runner in Wave A (fast paced runners) that tripped and fall right in front of us.  He was still able to get up and run though.

The running route was the same as the previous Crim route which included a few hilly challenges.  A runner came back saying " that was ridiculously difficult" to his family behind us.  The hubby saw one young lady runner who needed medical help at Mile 8, she was sobbing when he passed by.  I bet it was frustrating for a runner to be just only 2 miles short to finish and have to stopped because the body can't go on for whatever reason.  The route also have expectators serving cold coffee and others along the way.  The hubby said he could easily have a full meal along the route if he wanted to.  He was able to finished better than before.

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