Monday, July 30, 2012

Faith and Other Flat Tires

Faith and Other Flat Tires: Searching for God on the Rough Road of Doubt

This is a memoir by Andrea Palpant Dilley.  She wrote about her journey in faith.  She is a daughter of  Quack medical missionaries in Kenya.  She saw all kinds of sufferings and death while in Kenya.  Imagine the cultural shock she went through when their family returned to the USA. 

It is refreshing to read a book about a young woman's walk in faith.  She voiced out her doubts, even left the church, but eventually came back.  The book is not preachy and she does not force you to her beliefs.  It is not like other Christian books that I had read so far,  where writers were bad, turned good after hearing or seeing God and is now a preacher or evangelist.  She is very honest with her questions and in her journey.   She is very intelligent and with her English major background, her writing style is great.  She will walk you through her questions in faith and her life in a very entertaining way.

I would like to quote some parts of the book:

This is from her dad: " It's possible, I think, for some to cross the bridge without knowing the name of the bridge. I think the lesson here is that we have to be open always to other people's knowledge of God, to their unique experience of God."

Here is another one I would like to share: " Even in my ambivalence about church, I would tell them, I could sense in my heart a strong longing for God."

It is normal for us to question and have doubts about something we can not see, about someone who can not give us an audible answer to our very questions.  Should we just accept and not question so as not to offend?  With so many translations and versions claiming to bring the Truth, which one is really The Truth?

I got this book free from handlebar marketing in exchange for an honest review.

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