Saturday, June 9, 2012

A World I Never Made

A World I Never Made

James LePore is a lawyer turned writer.  This is his first novel and he will keep you intrigued with the story and captivated with his characters.  This book is suspenseful with romance added as well. 

Pat Nolan, a father called to identify his daughter's body, a woman who had committed suicide in  France.  He learned that it was staged.  With the help of a French detective Catherine Lawrence, the quest started to locate and help his daughter Megan.  Each clue leads closer to Megan but leaves a trail of death and international terrorists are at their heels.  What has Megan gotten herself involved in?

Megan Nolan, a very independent beautiful woman who has been living off rich men, took a handsome, rich and powerful Saudi man for a lover.   How can one get away from a very powerful and influential individual who is determined to kill you? 

Gypsies and others showing up to help.  Are they all just lucky coincidences or  a divine work? 

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