Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lethal Remedy

Lethal Remedy (Prescription for Trouble Series #4)
This is the 4th in the Prescription for Trouble series by Dr. Richard Mabry.  The series shows us his diversity.  He maintained his easy to read, fast paced, clean, Christian writing style without being preachy.  You will have suspense, mystery and romance without gory death or intimate love scenes.   In Lethal Remedy, Dr. Mabry gives us a medical thriller that will keep readers on the edge of our seats.   

People are dying from Staphylococcus luciferus worldwide.  A very fitting name for a bacteria known as "The Killer".  Dr. Jack Ingersoll and Jandra Pharmaceuticals have an experimental antibiotic that would kill it after 10 days of intravenous Jandramycin. 

Dr. Sara Miles have a teenage patient dying of Staph luciferus.  Should she try the experimental drug on her patient?  She have no other alternative and Jandramycin worked.  No known side effects and a 100% success rate so far in the studies.   A few weeks after the treatment, teenage patient and some others treated with the same "wonder drug" are back showing another serious illness going on.  Are there late side effects to the drug that are being kept  secret?  How far are the people rooting for Jandramycin's approval going to do to get it approved?   Will greed eventually trump over health in the medical field?


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